This AddOn will add a teleporter network to your game. Using the SimpleTravelroutes you can create a travel system like the gryphon network found in World of Warcraft. Players can discover new travelroutes and can teleport to travelroutes they already discovered.

  • Travelroutes use a Collider and not an NPC, which results in low overhead.
  • Add any amount of Unlockroutes – those routes will be discovered on enter.
  • The routes a player discovered are permanently saved in the database.
  • Add any number of Travelroutes – those routes are the destinations the¬†player can teleport to.
  • A player can only teleport to destinations he or she already discovered beforehand.
  • Players can gain an amount of experience the first time they discover a new travelroute.
  • Set a gold cost per unit when teleporting.
  • The final gold cost is calculated from the distance of the location and the destination.
  • Limit the discovery/usage of travelroutes to certain nations (only in combination with my SimplePVPRegions AddOn)
  • Players get notified with a popup window on their client, when a new travelroute becomes available
  • Cross-Server Travelroutes are possible as well, using our FreeNetworkZones¬†script.
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