This AddOn allows player to summon/hire Minions that will fight at their side for a limited period of time.

  • Minions are hired/summoned via Item usage
  • Minions behave like a mixture of Monsters and Pets
  • Minions defend their owner, auto attack and move randomly, they also follow
  • Minions stay for a limited time period and then die automatically
  • When their Master dies/logs out, all Minions die automatically
  • Players can summon any amount of Minions, up to a technical maximum
  • When the summon maximum is reached the usage of a summon items is disabled
  • Minions can be summoned at a preset level, this allows weaker/stronger Minions
  • Minions themselves do not trigger aggro

A future update will add hiring/summoning Minions via skill usage as well.

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1.00 = 1.15

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