This AddOn allows you to spawn Monsters dynamically into your scene. This saves you from placing dozens of Monsters inside your game world by hand and also takes care of their distribution and population inside a defined area.

You can use this AddOn in two different ways:

  • Spawn Monsters inside an area when your server is launched
  • Spawn Monsters when a player enters the area
  • You can also combine both options if you want

SimpleSpawner offers these options to you:

  • Set a delay between spawn cycles (Monsters don’t spawn each time a player enters the area)
  • Define any number and type of monsters to be spawned
  • Set a rarity for each monster to appear
  • Limit the amount of monsters of a certain type (like just 1 for a boss)
  • Spawn Cycles take the amount of monsters and their limit into consideration as well
  • Monsters can spawn into the current area or another spawn area in the same scene (this allows you to distribute monsters across several areas to randomize their distribution even more)
  • Overwrite the respawn timer of each monster type (to prevent monsters “raising from the dead again” while additonal monsters are spawned when a player enters the area, resulting in monster overpopulation)
  • Combine this AddOn with my “SimpleLootcrate” AddOn to spawn loot crates inside the area as well (with the same rules and limitations available).
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