This AddOn allows you to create Equipment Sets very similar to the ones seen in Diablo or World of Warcraft. Three different Set Bonus types available (individual, partial and complete) for maximum customization.

  • Create Individual, Partial and Complete Set Bonus!
  • A Set item requires one or more other Items for its set effect to be active
  • All required items must be equipped on the character to be in effect
  • Each Set Item can feature a different Individual Set effect
  • Set effects stack
  • Wearing multiple sets is possible but reduces the set effects to their Average
  • Set effects can modify almost all game parameters like health etc.
  • Create as many Set items as you like (expands with the number of slots in your game)
  • Interlocks to my other AddOns in order to increase amount of available Set Effects.
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1.01 = 1.13+

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