uMMORPG Sun Controller Add-On that simulates the ingame sun movement over the sky like seen from earth (or other planet) in a realistic way and provides ingame time system too!

Just enter virtual day lenghts in seconds, year length in days, latitude and everything works fully automated for you!

Days get longer in summer, nights longer in winter (only if you set it to northern hemisphere of course, south of equator it will be the other way around), sun will always have the correct angles for all time of the day and year, you will always get the correct shadows, so even a sun clock will work like in real life!

You can even set another axis shift then earth’s one, for your fantasy world. Beside that you can set a gradient for light color over day, min./max. light intensity and min./max. shadow strength. Whatever you want, it is up to your imagination. Year and time of year will get saved in Database with regular save interval and reloaded at next server start.

New: v1.07 includes a simple clock that shows: “Year – Day – Season – Time of day”!

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194, 198, 199

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