NuCore is a uMMORPG3d core modification written by Fhiz during Spring 2017. NuCore itself is free for verified buyers of the uMMORPG3d asset and can be downloaded via the NuCore Download Butler.

We highly recommend that you implement NuCore alongside all AddOns you plan to use in a blank project using the most recent version of uMMORPG and start building your game from there. If you add NuCore/AddOns at a later stage, the process will be much more complicated and tedious! We also recommend that you always do a backup copy of your project first, before adding anything to it.

Why NuCore?
The reason behind NuCore is that you can modify the uMMORPG3d asset only to a certain degree using new classes, partial classes and code Hooks. We AddOn developers required a way to go beyond that, in order to create more complex AddOns for uMMORPG. Therefore the NuCore was created. Several of our AddOns require the NuCore and those AddOns are explicitly tagged.

NuCore Requirements
As NuCore modifies the very heart of the uMMORPG3d asset, you require exactly that asset. In addition you always have to use a NuCore version that matches the uMMORPG3d version that your project uses.

NuCore Import – Blank Project
Simply import the NuCore package into your project. All required files will be added and several files in your uMMORPG scripts directory will be overwritten. There is no need to apply manual changes if the NuCore version matches your uMMORPG3d version and you did not apply any modifications to your scripts yet.

NuCore Import – Modded Project
If you are already using a modded project and want to use NuCore as well, the process is more complex. A modded project is a project where you already applied changes to the core scripts in the uMMORPG folder or using AddOns/Assets that did that. If so, you have to import NuCore manually by checking the NuCore package contents and opening every single script file, comparing it with the file in your projects scripts folder and apply all changes – line by line – per hand. Again: Always back up your project!

Pro Tip: Create a new Scene to create your game world in, do not use the default scene as it will be overwritten every time you update the uMMORPG3d asset.

Learn NuCore
If you want to learn more about the NuCore or use it as base for your own custom programming or AddOns, you should check out our three part NuCore Complete Guide.

NuCore Updates
Remember that each time a new, official uMMORPG version is released, you have to re-import the NuCore Unity package again. Compare the available NuCore Version with your project’s uMMORPG version and only apply if they match.

NuCore Copyright
uMMORPG3d was created and is copyrighted by Vis. NuCore is merely a modification to some of the core files. Even if you download NuCore, you will never receive the uMMORPG3d asset at whole. This means, you require a licensed copy of the uMMORPG3d asset in order to make NuCore work.

NuCore Support
If you still get errors or are stuck, head over to our Discord Support Server (recommended) or drop us a line via eMail. Please note that we can only help verified buyers who are using a blank project. Modded projects already contain so many changes that it is almost impossible for us to be of any help!