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NuCore – Complete Guide (Part 2 of 3)

Game Designer? Programmer? AddOn Developer? Or just serious about your game project? No matter what – our “Complete Guides” will help you make better games using Unity, uMMORPG3d and our AddOns.

By itself, NuCore does not add that much functionality to uMMORPG3d. It is more a tool to expand the asset and increase it’s flexibility so that AddOn developers can build on top of it. This is done by expanding the base classes and adding important code hooks to places where the default uMMORPG does not provide them.

This means, you can plug-and-play the NuCore and won’t notice any changes compared to a uMMORPG3d version without it. But, there are in fact several sublime changes to how uMMORPG3d works. Some of these changes are targeted more towards AddOn developers, but others will be useful to any kind of game designer who wants to build a indie MMO using it.

Hidden Features for Game Designers
Lets take a look at some of the hidden features found inside NuCore. Go to the Prefabs folder inside your NuCore folder and check the file “NuCoreConstants”. You can open that file in Mono Develop or any text editor of your choice (The file was placed in prefabs because you are supposed to edit it, files placed in the Scripts folder do not require any changes from your side.)

When opening the file, you will first see a few string definitions that replace certain texts in your project. This section is entirely cosmetic and used to a degree that depends a bit on the NuCore version you are using. Lets skip this section for now and take a look at the lower part, where you can define float values (please note that the constants prefix also depends on the NuCore version you are using).

A. Attribute Side Effects
The picture below shows you one part of the NuCore Constants. This Attribute Bonus allows you to define a preset side-effect for the two player Attributes uMMORPG ships with: Strength and Intelligence.

_BONUS_HEALTHMAX = This is the amount of health a player gains for each point of Strength the player has. The amount is equal to 1% for each 0.01 you enter here, so by default a player gains 1% bonus to Max Health for every point of Strength.

_BONUS_MANAMAX = This entry is the same as above but applies to Max Mana instead. So for every 0.01, a player gains +1% to his or her maximum Mana.

As default uMMORPG only ships with two Attributes (Strength and Mana), the effects are rather limited. If you use my SimpleAttributes AddOn, another 6 (and later on 8) Attributes will be added – and each one of them can feature a side effect like the ones mentioned above. This will be explained in detail in a future article.

B. Combat Modifiers
Now lets take a look at the final part of the NuCore Constants. As you can see on the screenshot below, we have several combat related settings that allow us to modify how combat takes place even when using the default uMMORPG combat system:

_MODIFER_CRIT_MAX = NuCore adds the possibility to your items/skills to modify the amount of Critical damage that can be dealt. This is also referred to as Critical Effect. The value you enter here simply limits the various slider ranges you find in the Inspector of your items/skills.
_MODIFIER_BLOCK_MAX = In default uMMORPG, ALL damage is negated by a successful block. NuCore changes that to a percentage amount instead. This value simply limits the various slider ranges in the Inspector of your items/skills.

_MODIFIER_CRIT = In default uMMORPG, all Critical damage is fixed – it deals the double amount of damage (if I remember right). NuCore changes that value so that it can be modified as mentioned above. In addition to that, a critical hit is always more powerful than a normal blow – you can state how powerful that is, by editing this number. By default, critical hits deal double damage – just like in default uMMORPG.
_MODIFIER_BLOCK = By default, a block in uMMORPG negates all incoming damage. NuCore changes this aspect as well, as a block now reduces damage by a certain percentage. Items/Skills can now modify your Block Effect as explained above. But even without a modifier, a default block will always result in lower damage than a normal blow. By editing this number, you can state how much damage will remain – the default value of 0.5 equals 50%. So a block will reduce incoming damage by 50% if you don’t adjust the number and if your player has no active item/skill that modifies his/her block effect further.
_MODIFIER_RANDOM = The default uMMORPG has a static damage formula. This means every time you deal damage to an enemy, the amount of damage will be the same if none of the statistics involved has changed. NuCore spices this part up a bit by introducing damage randomization. The minimum damage dealt is always equal to the base damage according to your characters stats. And the value you enter here (1.5 by default) is the maximum damage a normal blow can deal. If you enter 1.5 in this field, all your attacks will deal 150% at maximum. This means, all normal blows oscillate between 100% and 150% damage (still lower than a Critical Hit).

C. Attribute Points
Vis uses a simple formula in the default uMMORPG project to keep track of the “Attribute Points” that players can spend on their characters. That formula does not require another value to be saved in the database, but is also limited to the two default Attributes Strength and Intelligence.

NuCore changes that aspect as “Attribute Points” are now permanent instead of temporary and any unspent point is saved in the database until the player wishes to spend it. This is especially important later on, when I explain my SimpleAttributes AddOn that introduces new Attributes to uMMORPG.

This article links to: NuCore – Complete Guide (Part 3 of 3) (soon!)

2017 by Fhizban (the author of NuCore and AddOn developer for uMMORPG3d).

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NuCore – Complete Guide (Part 1 of 3)

Game Designer? Programmer? AddOn Developer? Or just serious about your game project? No matter what – our “Complete Guides” will help you make better games using Unity, uMMORPG3d and our AddOns.

A. Introduction
The NuCore is a core modification to the Unity Asset uMMORPG3d. The original asset was written by Vis and available via the Unity Asset Store in it’s most recent version. NuCore on the other hand was written by the community member Fhiz during Spring 2017 and is a extension to the existing uMMORPG functionality. Because NuCore extends uMMORPG3d, it is
useless without it. You as a user will need a licensed version of uMMORPG3d in order to get the NuCore to work.

It contains collection of new scripts that extend the base functionality of uMMORPG3d, as well as several modifations to the assets core scripts. The whole reason behind NuCore is that we AddOn developers require a way to go beyond the core functionality of uMMORPG3d, NuCore provides us (and therefore you as a user) with exactly that functionality.

B. Requirements
As mentioned above, NuCore requires the uMMORPG3d asset, it is useless without. In order to download NuCore, you must provide a proof of purchase first. We then add you to our internal database and enable the NuCore download for you. This proof of purchase can be provided in one of two ways:

1. via Discord
If you are on Discord (recommended, as many community members hang out there) – go to the official uMMORPG Discord Server and get verified by Vis, the creator of uMMORPG. After that, enter our Official Discord Support Server and send Fhiz a message or ask in one of the channels. We will then check if you are verified and add you to our internal
NuCore download database.

• Official uMMORPG Discord Server:

• Our AddOn Support Server:

2. via eMail
If you are not on Discord, you can alternatively send us an eMail. In that eMail, provide a proof of purchase like a screenshot or PDF of your uMMORPG3d purchase.

• Official eMail Support:

After we have verified your proof of purchase, we add you to our internal database and enable the download for you. Please note you have to initiate this download by yourself.

C. How to Download
Once you have been verified and added to our internal database, you can head over to our NuCore download butler tool and request a download for your eMail address.

• Official NuCore Download Butler:

Enter your verified eMail address, choose the uMMORPG version that you currently use and press the button. Check your inbox afterwards, there will be an eMail containing your personal NuCore download. Click the button in that eMail and your download will start. If you don’t receive a eMail your address might not be verified yet!

D. How to Install
NuCore is quite easy to install into a blank or unmodified uMMORPG project. All you have to do, is to make sure that both the NuCore and the uMMORPG3d asset that you are using, both feature the same version number – otherwise they might be incompatible to each other!

Simply import the NuCore package into your blank or umodified uMMORPG project. It will add several new files to your project and overwrite some of the existing files in the original uMMORPG scripts folder.

Please note that the process of installing NuCore into a project with many existing changes and modifications is much more difficult and tedius. Please understand that we cannot provide you with a guide or support in that case!

If you require further information about how to install the NuCore, you can check out our NuCore Installation Guide as well:

• Nu Core Installation Guide:

E. How to Update
When you update your uMMORPG project to a newer version, make sure to head over to our NuCore butler again and select that new version (We will provide new versions for the NuCore ASAP after uMMORPG has been updated).

First update your uMMORPG project and after that, import the new NuCore version into your project as well. If the versions match, everything should work just fine.

Also make sure that you have the most recent versions of our AddOns as well, as some of them require an update after the official uMMORPG version changed. Its a good idea to re-download and install all of the AddOns you got from us, every time you update your uMMORPG project and NuCore. This ensures everything is at the most recent version and guarantees a seamless integration.

Pro Tip: Do never use the sample scene provided with default uMMORPG! Always make a copy of that scene and build your world into it. Because otherwise, your scene will be overwrittenevery time you update the asset. Changes are usually limited to scripts only, so the content of your scene (Canvas for example) should rarely change.

Pro Tip: If you see a lot of red error messages after importing or updating: Don’t panic! Make sure to delete your “Scripting Define Symbols” – they will be automatically rebuilt. Restarting Unity also helps, as these Symbols get rebuilt every time you start Unity.

If you require further information about how to install and update AddOns (and the NuCore), you can check out our AddOn Installation Guide as well:

• AddOn Installation Guide:

This article links to: NuCore – Complete Guide (Part 2 of 3)

2017 by Fhizban (the author of NuCore and AddOn developer for uMMORPG3d).