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uMMORPG3d AddOn Store re-opening

Our uMMORPG3d AddOn Store is back! Bigger, better and more up-to-date than ever before. Let’s get ready to take uMMORPG3d AddOns to the next level!

Dear uMMORPG AddOn Customers,
This is Fhiz speaking, the author of the NuCore and AddOn developer for uMMORPG3d. We finally came to an agreement and  moved all of our old shops to a new domain. Together with my colleague Stue, we reclaimed the rights of our AddOns and legally take over all AddOns written by Laffy (with an agreement on both sides). We AddOn developers now unite and migrate into a single store: This is good news!

The new shop address, email address and discord server are from now on the new and permanent home of our AddOns and their future development. You can expect several new AddOns and Updates throughout 2018.

Thanks for being with us!
-Fhiz (Author of NuCore & uMMORPG3d AddOn Developer)

Our new AddOn store address:

Restoring previous Purchases

No re-purchases required, all of your purchases are still valid!

Reach out to our support and we will migrate your previous purchases to our new store. This includes purchases from the Unity Asset Store as well as Fhizban’s old store ( Please note that all other stores on other domains are not maintained by us, you have to deal with their respective owners (there are a lot of AddOns available by now, from various dev’s out there).

You have to provide us with a proof of your purchase and we will migrate your account into the new store. A proof of purchase is a screenshot or PDF with all your previous purchases listed plus your address clearly readable.

1. Via Discord:

If you are on Discord (recommended, as many community members hang out there) – go to our Official Discord Support Server and send Fhiz a message or ask in one of the channels. We will then check if you are verified and add you to our internal NuCore download database.

Official AddOn Support Server:

2. Via eMail:

If you are not on Discord, you can alternatively send us an eMail. In that eMail, provide a proof of purchase like a screenshot or PDF of your uMMORPG3d purchase.

Official eMail Support:

After we have verified your proof of purchase, we add you to our shop database and
enable the downloads for you.

3. Please do NOT contact us, if you already received your updates via the new store.

4. Also please do NOT contact us, if you ONLY acquired FREE AddOns from us. Those can be downloaded from the new store without further help.